About us
About the company
"TEL-KABL" was founded on the 27th of May, 2005. Our mission is the delivery of quality and reliable products at competitive prices. The company manufactures telecommunication, power flexible and installation conductors and cables with copper conductors as well as control and instrumentation cables for data transfer, using the latest technological solutions from this area.
The Company is equipped with the machinery and equipment of renowned world manufacturers such as Maillefer, Erocarb, Gauder, Motan and controlling electronics of manufacturers such as Siemens, Allan Braedly and Omron. Currently, the company’s production program includes telecommunication, installation, control, flexible conductors and cables as well as the production of halogen-free installation, telecommunication and fire resistant cables. Besides, we cooperate with renowned world manufactures of raw materials which are necessary for our production such as Grand D Group, Sarkuysan, Novacke Chemicke Zavody, Effegidi International, Melos, Borealis Group.
"TEL-KABL" is completely devoted to the quality in any aspect of its production from the control of raw materials at their entering the company through interim and final control, which provides shipment of a quality final product to our customers. This was confirmed in 2007 through the introduction of International Quality System Management according to ISO 9001, when we received a certificate from the renowned English certification institution DAS UKAS.
The cables are fully manufactured in accordance with acknowledged domestic and foreign standards such as: JUS, VDE, DIN.
"TEL-KABL" is constantly working on the improvement of its business operations, on the education and training of its employees as well as on responsible behaviour toward the environment and the society as a whole, thus providing top quality to the satisfaction of users of our products.
Word of the manager
TEL-KABL DOO is a young company established in 2005 with the vision of the founders to offer conductors and cables to domestic and foreign markets in neighbouring countries under the most favourable conditions, meeting the most strict domestic and European quality standards.
In less than six years of engagement on fulfilling all requirements of the clients and in demanding conditions for business operations in cable markets, a young team of dedicated people has managed to accomplish recognisability in these very markets as well as good cooperation with all the business partners.
A quality product, a prompt reply to the requests of the partners, care of all the employees and of the environment along with constant improvement of the production process and expansion of the product range are the main foundations on which we build the success in domestic market and those in the neighbouring countries.
This Internet presentation represents one more effort to additionally meet requests of the customers and business partners, to make it possible for them to have faster access to relevant information so that they more rationally and timely receive all the necessary answers to possible questions and doubts. Therefore this presentation before you is not only an electronic catalogue but also another way for achieving even better cooperation.
With the hope that it will be so we are looking forward to any suggestions you may have in order that this project can fully meet our mutual expectations as given in our slogan: "BE CONNECTED".
To promote, through responsible behaviour, the quality of life and safety of the whole community by manufacturing top quality products using the latest technologies; to exercise constant care about interests of customers and the employees while respecting environmental and quality standards.